Tantra Training for Men

MALE TANTRIKA TRAINING MODULESTantra Training for Men with Tantra Training Academy

Tantra training for men who want to be trained in Tantra Techniques is available in Australia. Men can do separate Modules to learn and practice Tantric Techniques with their own partner(s).

You can  just do one or two Modules, specialise in one aspect of Tantra massage, or use Tantra massage sessions to augment your existing business.


* Certificate given on completion of each Module.
* One month follow up coaching and support.
* You receive a Tantra Massage as part of your training.
* Workbooks provided.

Tantra Training for Men

Module 1: How to give a Woman a Sensual, Yoni and Tantra Massage to learn how to pleasure women and empower them to move their energy around their body for more pleasure.

Module 2: How to give a Tantra Massage to a Man to learn how to teach men to control their orgasm and ejaculation (2 separate things!) and move their sexual energy through their body.

Advanced Tantra sessions for Women or Men – see Emerald Teacher Training Modules 5 and 6 HERE

Module 3: Couples Tantra session. How to help couples connect with tantric energy, how to pleasure each other in different ways and enhance their love life and sexuality.

Each Men’s Module is AUD$2497.00*.
Any 2 Modules done together are  $4490, 3 modules are $6490 paid in full (eftpos, MasterCard, VISA and payment plans available)

Module 4: How to run your Tantra business successfully. Ally has been running successful Tantra Massage for over 10 years. She has taught lots of men and women about Tantra and Tantra Massage all over Australia and New Zealand, and trained more than 10 people in some or all of these modules. This module includes tips about Coaching and Counselling, practical ways to promote, run and record your business success. (optional) – one day $1100


Each Module is approximately 12-15 hours and can be done over 2 or 3 days. Timing and venue is at your convenience.
* Payment must be made in full before training commences.

Details of Training

All training is one-one, however you need to provide your own models (3-4 per module). The first one can be your partner, or someone you know well, who will be pleasured by Ally as she explains and shows you what she does.
Certificate will be given on completion of each Module.

To get more information about Tantra Training for Men schedule your complimentary Clarity Call.

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