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Practitioner Tantra Training Diamond is fully comprehensive. It includes all Ruby modules and Emerald and all you need to set up your Tantra Massage and Coaching business. It is for Women or Couples wanting to set up a Tantra business easily and quickly.
Training is approximately 14 days and flexible.
Training over 6 months including 6 months coaching by Skype phone or face-to-face.
Tests and exam, 30 hours practical experience needed between Ruby and Emerald Training.

Master Trainer Diploma.

Practitioner Tantra Training - diamond

Inclusions                                                                                               Value

6 x experiential practical hands-on Module trainings,
each approximately 15 hours training time (approx 12 days total)
@ $3997 each (in your home town/city*)                                 $17,982
2 hour Tantra massage for you and your partner                        $400
1 hour pre-training telephone coaching consultation                 $250
Advanced Training Manual                                                                $ 49
Access to 1 model                                                                                 $200
8 x 1 hour monthly phone/Skype coaching for feedback
and support @ $250 each                                                                $2,000
6 month unlimited email support @ $49 per month                    $137
Business templates incl spreadsheets for tax
and record keeping                                                                              $ 92
Step by step guidance and training so that
your business is set up correctly right from the start                $2,000
Massage table and Business Kit
(including towels, covers, massage oil
and pleasuring items) ready to go                                                 $1,200
Copy of book “What Men and Women Really Want”                      $20
TOTAL VALUE                                           ($25,330)
YOUR INVESTMENT                          $14,997* 

Master Tantra Practitioner

How to facilitate Tantra Coaching for men women and couples, Group Facilitation and Tantra Events – Introductions and Tantra Pleasure Playshops.
Opportunities to co-facilitate and co-create Tantra Events with Ally.
Master Practitioner Training is 5 days in Bali. Separate Application is available.
Sex and Intimacy Coaching: How to coach clients regarding sexual issues, abuse, intimacy, control, orgasm, shame, fear and guilt; how to create a safe space for trust and intimacy; changing beliefs around religion and sexuality.

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* Plus my airfares from Adelaide to your town if I make a special trip.

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