RUBY- Womens Tantra Training

Our training is available in Module format for women who want to take it slowly, just do one or two Modules, specialise in one aspect of Tantra, or augment your existing business. Each Module is approximately 15 hours and can be done over 3 days.

A Training Certificate is given on completion of each Module. 


I did a three day intensive Tantric massage course with Ally in April 2022. I wanted to improve my practices and help with work and personal life. I learned heaps on this course.

My friends really enjoyed being models and I also had a great experience. Ally is a lovely and very passionate lady and she taught me lots. Thanks again Ally, a happy student.



Tantra Training Academy

Module 1

Tantra Pleasure Experience for Men

How to give the Tantra Pleasure Experience to Men
It includes how to teach men how to control their orgasm and ejaculation

Women’s Module AUD$1997.00* each paid in full.

Module 2

Tantra Pleasure Experience for Women

How to Pleasure women with Sensual, Yoni and Tantra Massage. Training module for a woman to learn how to empower another woman and enhance feminine energy and improve her orgasms.

Women’s Module AUD$1997.00* each paid in full. ​

module 2

Module 3

How to run a successful Tantra or Healing Modality Business for Woman

How to run your business successfully. Ally’s has been running successfully since 2008. She has taught lots of people about Tantra all over Australia and New Zealand and trained many people in her system. One day $1100

Module 4

Advanced Tantra Pleasure Experiences for Men  – Teacher Training

How to give Advanced Tantra sessions – sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5 to men. 

Each Women’s Module AUD$1997.00* ​

Tantra Training Academy

Module 5

Advanced Tantra Pleasure Experience for Women – Teacher Training

How to give Advanced Tantra sessions – sessions 2, 3 and 4 to women.

Women’s Module each AUD$1997.00*

Module 6

Tantra Pleasure Experience for Couples – Practitioner Training

How to facilitate Couples Tantra sessions, how to help couples connect with tantric energy, and teach how to pleasure each other in different ways and enhance their love life and sexuality.

Women’s Module AUD$1997.00 each*


Practitioner Training

All Modules 1 2 3 4 5 6 

6-12 month full Training Program including all materials and equipment.

More details HERE.

Payment Details

  • Each Womens Module is $1997.
  • *Any 2 Women’s Modules done together are $3696, 3 modules are $4990, paid in full.
  • Direct Debit, EFTPOS, Visa MasterCard available.
  • *Payment plans can be arranged.
  • Full payment must be received by Tantra Training Academy before the training starts.

For more information about Tantra Training, request this ebook – “5 benefits to training with Tantra Training Academy’ HERE

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