pricing for investment with Tantra Training Academy

Pricing for Tantra Training

Tantra Training Academy Investment and Pricing

Here is the pricing of Tantra Training with Tantra Training Academy:

Ruby modules*
$1997 per module
Intern Level for Business or Personal use
Module 1: How to give Tantra Pleasure Experience to Men. Module 2: How to give Sensual Tantra Massage to Women. Module 3: How to give Tantra Massage to Couples.
NOW includes How to set up your Tantra Massage business. Also Airfares and accommodation to come to you and train you.
Training Notes. ebook or book. Training for each module approximately 15 hours. Test.
3 days training each Module
Certificate for each Module
Emerald program **
Tantra Teacher Program - Tantra Business
How to give Advanced Tantra Massage Sessions for Men Women and Couples (Modules 5,6 7)
includes How to set up your Tantra Massage business, Airfares and accommodation to come to you and train you. Copy of book and ebook. Training over 3 months, Training Manual, 30 hours practice, regular follow-up coaching. Affiliate and Referral opportunities. Tests and Exam.
3 plus 3 days training
Tantra Teacher Diploma
Diamond Program ***
Tantra Practitioner Program
All Ruby and Emerald modules and all you need to set up your Tantra business - Advanced Training. Ally's book and ebook, Manual, Business templates, step by step guidance and training
Training over 6 months including 6 months coaching by Skype phone or face-to-face. Massage table and Business Kit set up ready to go. Tests and exam. Website assistance and more
12 days training
Master Training Diploma.

Training is mainly for women, (men and couples can also be trained) in Tantra Massage, Yoni Massage and Lingam massage with Tantra Training Academy (see more HERE)

Module 1a: How to give the Tantra Pleasure Experience to Men for WOMEN. It includes how to teach men to control their orgasm and ejaculation (2 separate things!)

Module 2a:  How to give a Women’s Sensual, Yoni and Tantra Massage for MEN to learn how to pleasure women and empower them to move their energy around their body.

Each Module is AUD$1997.00*. Any 2 Modules done together are $3598 paid in full.

Module 3a: How to run your Tantra business successfully. Mine has been running successfully for over 10 years. I have taught lots of people about Tantra all over Australia and New Zealand, and trained more than 10 people in some or all of these modules. Coaching and Counselling, practical ways to promote, organise pricing and createincome, run and record your business success (now included with all Ruby Modules).
To do this Module as a personalised stand-alone Training, if you are starting up a new business, it is one day or 5 hours – $1100

To get more information about Tantra Massage Training, email Ally or schedule your Clarity Call HERE

Training is available around Australia and overseas:

  • especially Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns, Canberra, Rockhampton, Townsville, Hobart and Launceston in Tasmania and other cities and major towns (sorry not available in Victoria)
  • New Zealand, Bali, New Caledonia
  • elsewhere by request  (airfares paid by you if I make a special trip).

NB Payment must be made in full before training commences.
Payments options available – eftpos, direct deposit, Visa, MasterCard, Paypalpricing and payment - eftpos VISA Mastercard Tantra Training Academy

Book your introductory complimentary Clarity Call HERE to answer any questions and get more details about your investment for Tantra Training Academy and training.

pricing of tantra training with Tantra Training Academy