Massage Therapists and Body Workers, Yoga and Pilates Instructors and other Healers

  • Build your business helping individuals and couples rekindle their passion and boost their pleasure.
  • Explode your own passion and profits by becoming a Tantra Bodyworker through the Tantra Training Academy.
1 on 1 and small group training provide a a rock solid foundation of tantra and business training for fast profits and extreme client satisfaction.

Tantra Massage Training

Tantric touch is energising, relaxing and healing. It integrates well with your existing Yoga practice, Pilates practice, Massage and other body work modalities. Easy to learn, using the power of unconditional love, with breath techniques you probably know already, tantra sensual massage for men women and couples will invigorate you and bring back your clients for a taste of something new and exotic. Ignite your flame of giving pleasure with passion, giving and receiving unconditional love in spiritual service to help people connect deeper with themselves,  joining their physical, emotional and spiritual energies into the wholeness of loving themselves, so that they can love their partner and family more.

Limited places for One-one Tantra Massage Training

I am particularly looking for women in Darwin, Canberra, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Port Hedland, Hobart and Launceston to train with me. Other places available, just ask… 

Special Offer

Book and pay for your first Module training, have your investment paid off* and earn excellent income in 30 days! AND also you receive weekly coaching phone calls and support for  one month. * Pay back your investment for your first Module after only 15-20 sessions! Book your Clarity Call NOW, send your Application HERE
Tantra massage training for bodyworkers
Tantra Massage Training with Tantra Training Academy in Australia